Sep. 20, 2018

The Red Serpent Full Movie Download In Hindi

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Spartacus, a free man of Thrace, agrees to join the Romans to battle his tribe's enemies. A betrayal sends his life spinning out of control.

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original title: The Red Serpent

genge: Action,Adventure,Biography,Drama,History,Romance

duration: 55min

keywords: warrior, fight, greek, gladiatorialgames, battle, defeat, arena, colorinepisodetitle, animalinepisodetitle, malerearnudity, femalerearnudity, prisonerofwar, colosseum, bloodsplatter, premonition, chee








































Spartacus, a free man of Thrace, agrees to join the Romans to battle his tribe's enemies. A betrayal sends his life spinning out of control. In its war on the Greek peninsula, the Romans convince the Thracians to join them in defeating the Getae, who have been raiding Thracian villages for generations. The Thracians are fierce warriors and prove to be valiant in battle. They are deceived by the Roman commander, Claudius Glaber, who orders them to fight against the Greeks, something they had not counted on. One of them in particular refuses to fight and rebels against the Romans only to lose the fight and is enslaved along with his wife Sura. The Thracian is transported to Capua where Senator Albinius is sponsoring gladiatorial games. In the arena, the enslaved Thracian manages to defeat four opponents and in allowing the Thracian to live, Senator Albinius decides to name him after a Thracian king from the past: Spartacus. The title of the show says it all: BLOOD and SAND.

This show is most likely geared towards males who love watching nothing but blood, sex, and fighting. If you're into exaggerated blood spatter effects, gratuitous sex scenes (bad ones, at that), or random modern profanity in historical shows, this might be the best show for you to watch.

All others, don't waste your time watching. Unless you're desperate. In that case, I'd suggest watching some other mindless reality show instead.

Despite all that, you might be curious as to why I've given 3 stars to this show. You see, it's because of my partiality to John Hannah. Yes, I love John Hannah. But, sorry, I don't love him enough to continue watching this terrible show.

Thank you, Starz, for coming up with a bad copycat of Rome, and for inspiring me to submit my very first review. That is - if you knew this show would suck, then you were right. But the lot of us seemed pretty pumped for this sack of crap.

I can't legitimately give this thing anything higher. This show is just horrible. Some guy said "If you watch UFC, you'll like this." This is false. Perhaps if you watch UFC and still watch WWE, yes, you will like this. But at the same time, you're too young to watch this show, let alone stay up that late. This show is like a parody of 300 and an extension of how horrible 10,000 BC is. Let's investigate.

The story takes place in Greece state, Thrace, where the Roman army requests help from the abused Tracians to repel the Gattai barbaric army. Some kid, who I am not even sure is the leader, but is certainly a horrible actor speaks up. The Roman Commander and the 'horrible actor' come to terms for the Thracian people to ally with the Roman Axillary so long as they extinguish the Gattai from the lands COMPLETELY. Now, this isn't uncommon for the Romans to agree to these things, however some of the following parts are not too accurate.

Needless to say the Romans betray the Thracians and decide to instead take the army to fight another army besides the Gattai. So the 'horrible actor' kills the Harald (issuing the orders) and decides to head off the Gattai army in hopes of stopping them before they can reach his city (which he already said was 3 days AHEAD of them, so how his small troop had a chance, is beyond me).

I'll stop there. But anyone that passed 10th grade world history will realize a lot of the things in the show are very inaccurate. You may be a person who likes to receive inaccurate things in television to 'increase the entertainment value'. However, I find sticking to reality of history is way more appealing than making your own garbage up.

As far as the ACTION-SEQUENCES, they are pretty brutal. Brutal in the sense they parody 300 to the point it's insulting and way past any point of general 'man-entertainment'. If having random slow-motion every 3 seconds is awesome to you, then please, watch this. But I liked 300 and thought that 300's slow motion was used in good taste. This slows down for EVERYTHING. To top it off, about a gallon of blood spews out of everyone every time (3 seconds) slow motion initiates. If you think this is cool after 20 times... Then I am afraid there is no hope for you.

To top it all off, no one seems to be touched by blood. The main guy, the 'horrible actor' has a massive gash on his back, but no blood is even coming from the cash or shows signs of ever bleeding. If that's not enough, this guys milks blood out of everyone around him and no one seems to be touched by blood. I was waiting for a slow motion sequence of the guy matrix-dodging the blood droplets.

In conclusion, I was hyped for this and was sorely disappointed. If you liked 300, Sin City, Gladiator, or any of those movies that had a good mix of surrealism, violence, characters, story, and realism (and where it counts: historical-accuracy), watch the first episode, just to laugh. Because we know it sucks. If you still wear those PJ's with connected socks and suck on your thumb while watching WWE, you're gonna wanna see this. But please. PLEASE. Ask permission from your parents first.


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